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ATI Develops the Compliant Reciprocating Tool
The CRT-12-5 is a high-precision material removal solution for robotic filing and finishing.
ATI Industrial Automation introduces the CRT-12-5 Compliant Reciprocating Tool for automating precise metal grinding operations. Jobs like deburring edges or removing flash from cast metal parts are taxing jobs with many hazards. ATI’s Compliant Reciprocating Tool is a versatile option for automating manual tasks.

The CRT-12-5 provides the same results without compromising employee safety. It produces a filing motion that is uniquely suited for removing burrs from corners and deep grooves. Built-in compliance enables filing and finishing of hard-to-reach areas with minimal chatter, streamlines the programming process, and ensures consistent results.

The new Compliant Reciprocating Tool from ATI is like having multiple tools in one. Adjustable cutting force allows users to adapt their process in real time. The CRT-12-5 is capable of a wide variety of part finishes and can be used to deburr or finish different parts or multiple areas of one part.

CR-12-5 is compatible with industry-standard files and cutting media which makes it a great alternative to manual operations. Filing by hand is a tough job that can lead to injury, even in the most experienced workers. ATI’s Compliant Reciprocating Tool can be used to automate these difficult and dangerous jobs and provide increased functionality to the system.

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ATI's Compliant Reciprocating Tool

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