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Manual Tool Changers  
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Manual Tool Changer News:

Simpler, stronger, and more precise.

ATI Industrial Automation has developed a series of Manual Tool Changers that provides a cost-effective solution for quickly changing tools by hand. They feature a unique design that combines high strength, excellent repeatability, and a patent-pending screw-cam locking mechanism with multiple fail-safe features, which resists vibration and prevents loosening. These robust and compact Manual Tool Changers can handle payloads up to 80 pounds (36 kg) and pass pneumatics and electrical signals.

Product Highlights
  • Fully threaded all-steel locking mechanism.

  • High strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Very small package size.

  • Integrated air pass-through ports.

  • Ratchet knob adds security to the locked position.

  • Additional mounting flats for adding ATI utility modules.

What is a Manual Tool Changer (MC)?
An end-effector with two mating parts, a Master-side and a Tool-side, that have been designed to manually lock or couple together, carry a payload, and have the ability to pass utilities such as electrical signals, pneumatic, water, etc. The Manual Tool Changer provides flexibility for any automated process in order to change tools and pass various utilities. The Master-side of the changer mounts to a robot, CNC machine, or other structure. The Tool-side of the changer mounts to tooling, such as grippers, welders, or deburring tools.

Bring tooling to Master

Tighten knob to secure

Manual Tool Changer Models
Click here for our MC-16R and MC-36R Manual Tool Changer flyer!

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